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Video at Super Sphere - scroll down to see Harvey Sid Fisher
HotWired: Renaissance - TeeVee
HotWired: Renaissance - TeeVee - What's Your Sign?
Harvey's Modeling Pictures
East Coast Tour pictures on Elizabeth Bristow's website
Lot's of Harvey stuff on Google
Harvey on
The ELIS EIL interview - Go to archives for interview
BASEMENT-LIFE - Jonathan Bond - interview
Home video-tying my tie- in Chicago
Hotwired video clips of my video
Paul Shrug interview + Scram link interview
Tallahassee show clip- 5/16
Internet Exploiter - Go to Search and enter my name
Bristow pix 1999, 2000 & 2002 East Coast
Nashville gig
Zodiac Smack Interview
SCRAM Interview
Harvey Sid Fisher writes screenplays, is an actor, and is one of L.A.'s top ten million photographic models.
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